Happy Birthday Simple Knots !

I think it's super important to be supportive of all the great local community projects and groups that bring us all together and make amazing things happen. On Wednesday we were invited to celebrate the first birthday of Cardiff’s well loved Simple Knots Craft Club!  We literally jump at the chance to support and help local communities projects that provide positivity and support to the community.  So we headed down and offered our services complimentary to help spread the great work that they do. 


Simple Knots is an independent social club for crafters set up to inspire collaboration and build crafting and creative communities.  They work closely with and fundraise regularly for Heads Above the Waves. Heads Above The Waves is a not for profit community interest company that raises awareness and supports young people dealing with self- harm and mental health issues. They encourage positive coping techniques, run workshops to help young people, sign post to existing support services and try to affect change on a larger level and get people talking to break down the stigma around these issues. It fits in perfectly with Simple Knots Craft Club whose view is; doing something creative or practical is a really great way to combat depression and negative thoughts.  So all in all they’re doing great things and people are coming together and feeling better together. 

Simple Knots Craft Club Meets the first wed of every month at Littleman Coffee Co Cardiff

If you have an awesome community project in South Wales and would like some photography or promo video work for absolutely nothing just for being a good egg and making positive things happen, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

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Chris : )